The 2021 Member Appreciation Day and Annual Meeting was a success!

Thank you to the 2,025 Salt River members who ventured out to their local Salt River Electric office to pick up their bucket and bulbs, as well as register for gift card giveaways! Take a look at some of the days photos below, as well as the winners of our gift card giveaways!

$50 Visa Gift Card Winners:

John Bradley, Carol Carlo, Joseph Ballard, Tony Hutchins, Mary Catherine Mattingly, Shirley Trent, William Mattingly, Stacy Bowman, Patricia McCauley

Robert Mudd, Lori Stafford, Lucy Combest, Jerry Emmons, Cedar Falls Homeowners Assoc, Bill Gray, Deanie Whitt, Mark Connelly, Karen Bleemel

Robert D Harvey Jr, Shelby Osborne, Robert F Robinson, Doug Lambdin, Dean Franklin, Joseph Webster, Angela Rake, John Robinson

Anthony Wilson, Richard Preston Jeffiers, Sandra Jewell, Joshua Thornsberry, Todd Noel, Tony Fenwick, Mark Boblitt, Arthur Young

J L Pinkston, Paul Woford, Earl Grigsby, Michael Lewis, Terry Foster, Mike Kelty