Salt River Electric was incorporated in April of 1937 by five community-minded men who wanted to bring the power of electricity to their friends and neighbors throughout Bullitt, Nelson, Spencer, and Washington counties. The founding came less than 2 year after the establishment of the Rural Electrification Administration by order of President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Those men, W.M. Seay, W.F. Thompson, G.S. Greear, Ack Harned and J.A. Wathen, established the Salt River Electric Cooperative Corporation, paving the way for thousands of rural Kentuckians to take advantage of electricity. Though many things have changed here as you’ll see below, Salt River Electric remains committed to providing affordable, timely electricity to our members.
Salt River RECC crews from 1948

Salt River RECC is established

April 12, 1937

Five men, M.W. Seay, G.S. Greear, J.A. Wathen, W.F. Thompson, and Ack Harned, meet at Federal Building in Downtown Bardstown to incorporate the electric cooperative.

Received loan of $315,000

August 2, 1937

Co-op receives REA loan of $315,000 from the federal government.

First monthly rates set

December 17, 1937

Minimum monthly rate of $3. Service was available for the use of electric lighting, appliances, cooking, and for the operation of small motors (less than 5hp). Also approved construction of the co-op’s first transmission distribution lines: 17 miles in Washington County, 9 miles in Bullitt County, 30 miles in Nelson County.

First lines are energized in Nelson County

February 10, 1938

Power is provided to more than 1,000 member in Nelson County

First annual meeting for Salt River members

June 25, 1938

First annual meeting for Salt River members
Meeting held at Humphrey Miller’s farm, located 8 miles NE of Bardstown.

James S. Broaddus becomes manager of the co-op

March 1, 1944

Broaddus would remain manager until his retirement in 1974.

Current Bardstown office opens

June 21, 1947

Open house for members is held

Co-op is third largest in the state in terms of line

June 30, 1949

Salt River boasts 4,500 members using an average of 154 kilowatt per hour

Salt River publishes first issue of “Co-Amp News”

July 1, 1953

4-page newsletter is sent monthly to Salt River members

M.W. Seay, first board president and a co-op founder, dies

June 30, 1957

Son David Seay replaces father as Nelson County director

Bardstown office is renovated and expanded

June 30, 1958

New meeting space is added, as well as a new, all-electric kitchen

First drive-thru window is added in Bardstown

June 30, 1963

Annual meeting attendance peaks

August 4, 1965

The two day events brings in a total of 18,000 individuals.

First co-op sponsored scholarships are awarded.

August 4, 1966

The two scholarships are awarded at $500 each

Group of linemen permanently assigned to Bullitt Co.

June 30, 1969

At the direction of J.S. Broaddus, six men are assigned to the area.

Clermont substation is constructed

June 30, 1972

New addition brings the co-op’s total to 12 substations serving members.

J.S. Broaddus resigns as manager

June 30, 1975

Due to declining health, Broaddus resigns after 30 year at the helm.

George Seyle become manager

July 1, 1975

Replaced the outgoing Broaddus.

Ken Hazelwood becomes manager

July 1, 1978

Bullitt County office opens

July 1, 1983

Salt River members in the county finally receive office location.

New Bardstown warehouse is constructed

June 1, 1984

Building is completed at a cost of $672,472

Salt River celebrates 50th anniversary

April 19, 1987

New Branch Offices

October 1, 1990

Salt River Electric opens branch offices in Taylorsville and Springfield.
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