There are several ways to pay at
Salt River Electric!

Bank Draft is as effortless as it comes! Simply enroll in the program and your monthly payment is transferred safety and directly from you checking account on the due date. And, best of all, no third-party processing fees! Enrollment for this hassle-free payment option can be completed online through your account!

Auto Pay allows you to sign up for automatic payments on the date of your choosing! Please note though that Auto Pay is processed as an e-check, which costs $1 in third-party processing fees.

Salt River Electric members can also make payments through our website and mobile app. Third-party credit card fees are 2.45% and $1 for e-check.

As always, our members can pay their bills by using our night deposits, as well as our office payment kiosks and our IVR phone system. Drive-thru options are also available at Salt River’s Bardstown, Taylorsville, and Shepherdsville locations.

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