Home Energy

Helping our members realize their potential home energy savings is an important part of being a community-minded electric cooperative. From Virtual Energy Assessments to offering heat pump rebates,  we’re dedicated to helping our members be as energy efficient as possible. When your home is more energy efficient, you save money and so do we! 

Virtual Energy Assessment

Want to get a better idea at how your home is using energy? Then the Virtual Energy Assessment is perfect for you! Click here to launch the application.

Rebate Offerings

Are you looking to replace the baseboard, ceiling cable, or electric furnace heating system in your home with an energy efficient heat pump?  Click here to see the qualifications for a heat pump retrofit rebate!

SimpleSaver Program

Have a smart thermostat in your home, or thinking about getting one? You may qualify for a bill credit by signing up for the SimpleSaver program! Click here for more information. 

Energy Saving Tips

Energy efficiency is a big deal, and we’ve got the resources you need to help you save energy at home! Read through the “101 Ways to Save” booklet, or head over to TogetherWeSaveKY.com for more!

Where does it all go…

Calculating the energy usage of household appliances

You can get the approximate usage of household appliances and how much they can cost with this helpful energy calculator tool from the U.S. Department of Energy:  Appliance Energy Calculator | Department of Energy